Fred the Fed. . .

Name : Fred the Fed.

Riot Police gone mad!

I am the LAW. . .

Status : Peachy…
Occupation : Fred is a dedicated member of the all powerful Government run Inner-City crimewave known as the ‘Police Force’.

Illegally being in posession of a peachy bottom!

Illegally being in possession of a peachy bottom was frowned upon and could land you in hot water, or at least a sauna full of coppers. . .

Residence : As with many of the Force, Fred resides in one of the many secure Police sectors that surround the City suburbs.

These are a collection of purpose build mini-cities specifically designed to keep the safety and well being of it’s officers paramount whilst allowing anonimity within society.

The Feds, enforcing the Law...

DIplomacy was a must these days!

Background :

Protect & serve them up on a plate. . .

Justice had to be done, till then we had the Police to worry about!

His wife is living proof as she is still serving time for waking him one weekend when he’d specifically asked for a lie in. She was ‘randomly’ pulled over by the Traffic Police on her way to work the next day. A completely routine search of the car revealed 11 kilo’s of heroin, a small arms stash, 6 ounces of C4 explosive and plans to blow up the local school as well as a David Hasslehoff Album in the boot of her car. At the time it became one of the highest profile cases of its day and people are still talking about how anyone could be seen with a David Hasslehoff album.

Guilty until proven to be Guilty. . .

Guilty but only until proven to be Guilty. . .

Hobbies : Working for the Force isn’t all violence and beating people all the time so to subsidise this Fred likes to indulge in a little Security work where possible and can often be seen as a private security contractor in any of the worlds hotspots in his time off.

Misc Info : Fred is rumoured to still have a burglar locked in his cellar who unfortunately didn’t realise he was in the Police sector.

Famous for single handedly notching up the most arrests, knockouts and near fatal wedgies during the 70’s Peace Rally.

Fred also aspires to be the first officer to catch and arrest either the Bigfoot or Yet-E Dude and is often scouring the edges of the forgotten forest in full camouflage gear with his Infra-Red scope and tranquiliser gun. What he’d arrest either for is subject to speculation however he’s sure that when the times comes they’ll be in breach of some law, that he knows! It’s just a case of which ones…

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